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I am the closest thing to God

So worship me and never stop...

Izaya Orihara
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Izaya Orihara is a powerful and skillful underground information broker with the reputation as being one of the most dangerous people in Tokyo. He claims to love all human beings, and to show this, he likes to manipulate and place them into miserable or chaotic situations to see how they react. That's all a game to him, and to him being an info broker's the best job in the world. He's said it makes him so happy it makes him want to puke sometimes.

His ego has inflated on his profession and manipulation games up to the point in which he'd believe he's the god of all humans--or at least the closest thing to being a god.

Whether or not people like him, he'd still continue to have an unstable, unhealthy obsession with them. Although Izaya has this fondness towards all towards humanity, he has no interest in loving individuals, even his own family, whom he considers as friends.

Not only is he a sociopath, he's also a sort of masochist. Maybe one day he'll be able to meet someone whom he would be dying to be used by and since he's in love with all human race he could survive on his masochistic pleasure alone even if he's used.

When he's on the Internet, he sometimes likes to sign in as the username "Kanra", and pretends to be a teenage girl who shares a mixture of rumors and facts to stir up reactions from everyone else who have logged in.

There are times in which he'd appear adorably jovial, and friendly--so very convincingly nice. That's because he'd want to charm his way into someone's heart. He'd build you up only to tear you down later.

He can also make crafty getaways through parkouring, and acts quickly with his flick blade. He's capable of moving his small knife so fast you can't even see it.

His first name comes from a combination of the biblical Isaiah and Japanese that means "the one who looks over the crowd".

Want to know more? Here's a good Wiki page about him, in depth.

The road I walk is paved in gold
To glorify my my platinum soul
I am the closest thing to G o d
So worship me and never stop

The wretched blood runs through my veins
I gave up everything for fame
I am the lie that you adore
I feed the rich, and fuck the poor

I got it, you want it
It just don't stop
I got it, you want it
It just don't stop

This is entertainment!
Lies are entertainment!
You are down on your knees,
Begging me for more!

--from the song "Don't Stop" by InnerPartySystem